Ideas for bread bag clips

Submitted by Barbara on Fri, 02/03/2012 - 17:10

What to do with bread bag clips?

Most but not all of this is condensed from How can I Recycle This which is a favorite site for inspirations.

  • If you discard them, be sure to break them so they dont get caught on birds feet.
  • Use them as stitch counters when knitting or crocheting.
  • Use them to wind up tails or smal bits of thread when doing needle crafts
  • Reuse them for their purpose for leftovers.  Use a different color for each day of the week to remind yourself how long things have been in the fridge.
  • Reinforce the torn out edge of a hanging calendar or use them to reinforce the hole of things in a three ring binder
  • Keep a few by the sink to scrape off food from pans & pots.  We have used this trick and it works wonders!
  • They are said to be safe for scraping food of the enamel on appliances
  • Add a bit of cardboard behind them and use them as a hanger for a light weight picture frame.
  • Use to secure tomatoes and vines to frames
  • Use them to mark power cords so you know which one goes to which device.
  • Decorate and use a wine glass charms
  • Apparently they make acceptable guitar pics
  • Use them to hold socks together in the wash or to pin socks together over a hanger to dry.
  • Use as a scraper to remove paint from a window
  • Use as counter for a game
  • Seal them in a cardboard tube to create a noise maker
  • Keep one on the end of the packing tape so you can find the end next time you need it.
  • Use as a shim behind a hinge.
  • In South Africa there is an organization that collects bread bag tags to recycle and the proceeds are used to buy wheelchairs. It takes 1 million tags to buy one wheelchair!