How to make a fruit fly trap

Submitted by Barbara on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 05:08

Now that you are growing some beautiful fruit and shopping at your local farmers market you may find you have more fruit flies.  Relax, this is actually a good sign.  If the flies actually want to eat what you have in your house, then you should take this as a sign of improvement.

On the other hand, we perfectly understand if you dont want them taking over your kitchen.  We dont either.

Here is a simple and very effective fruit fly trap you can make yourself in a few seconds.







  • First you have to admit you have some plastic wrap.  Barbara has a roll that is about 15 years old and still going.
  • Second choose a glass.  A glass for serving desert wines is ideal, but any will do.
  • Third fill it with fruit juice, cheep wine or apple cider vinegar.  What ever you happen to want to use.
  • Fourth stretch a small piece of plastic wrap over the top and poke small holes in it with a bamboo skewer or similar.
  • Last, nestle it in among your fruit.  You should find you have quick and pleasing results as the little guys seem amply smart enough to get in, but entirely incapable of figuring how to get out and soon drown.

Thanks to Lisa N. for the idea.